Ayurveda in Sri Lanka


When on the beaches of Sri Lanka, you can't leave without experiencing the ancient art of Ayurveda, which will relax and rejuvenate every part of your body. From full body massages to specialised oil treatments, the Ayurveda treatments at Hotel Orchid will leave you feeling brand new. Used for both relaxation and health benefits, the treatments are conducted by specially trained personnel.

Accupressure Treatment

Back Pain releif 10 mint    
Neck Pain Releif 10 mint    
Headache 10 mint    
Knee Joint Pain releif 10 mint    
Stress, Strain & Insomnia 15 mint    

Revitalising & Nourishing day packages

These supreme Ayurvedic. Treatments rejuvanate your body, mind & soul releiving stress.
increasing the blood circutation relaxing the whole body & stimulating the internal Organs. Also it nurishes the skin


Revitalising Package - I ( 1 1/2hr )

Sarvanga Abhyanga (Full Body Massage) 45mint    
Shiro Abhyanga ( Head Massage ) 25mint    
Herbal Steam Bath 20mint    

Revitaliting Package - II ( 2hr )

Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)    
Shiro - dhara    
Foot reflexology    
Herbal bath    

Revitalising Package III ( 2hr)

Shiro Abhyanga ( Head Massage )    
Facial Massage    
Herbal bath    

Revitalising Facial Package - IV ( 1 1/2 hr )

Facial Massage    
Medicated Steam    
Gentle Scrub    
Skin nourisling pack    

Ayurveda Treatment

Individual Treatments    
Shiro Abhyanga ( Head massage )    
Griva, Skanda paschima Abhyanga
(Neck, Back & Shoulder massage )
Sarwanga Abhyanga ( full body massage )
Muka Abhyanga ( Facial massage)
Pahala Gathra, Paada Abhyanga
( Leg & Foot massage )
Paada Abhyanga ( Foot reflexology )    
Deep Tissue Massage    

Other Individual Treatment

Kativasti / Manyavasti / Urovasti    
Upanaahasweda (Poultice Bandage )    
Herbal bath    
Flower bath    

03 days / 06 days Treatment Packages.

(1) Rejuvanation Package

As you age your body loses it’s revitalizing capacity. Adding to this tinned foods, soft drinks chemical Medicines air pollution, stress & strain chemical in vegetables preservatives of non vegetarian food & improper eating habbits all these only help diminishing the body’s capacity to heel it self and defend against toxins resulting in chronic diseases.

So Rejuvanating package in Hotel Orchid renew & energise your body against toxins.

Shiro daara, sarvanga Abhyanga, Shiro Abhyanga & piceichil increase the blood circulation making the body young & reverse the ageing process & provide vigor, Strengh to body, and improve your memory.

Theraputic Sweating cleanses the body & fight against muscular dystrophy, wasting & rheumatism.
( Internal medicine, if need only )


(2) Relaxation Package.

Life today has forced you to outgrow your self physically & Mentally. In this fast moving world, mental lethargy & physical sluggishnes have taken a grip of your system.

All these tensions and over burdening slowlly kill our mental & physical health. The right sollution is to find out a way of life where these factors do not affect, your physical & mental wellbeing.

So we are providing optimal package for relaxation of body & mind tranquilty to soul.

Removes Stiftness & pain
Provide good sleep
Enhances body resistance
Improve power of vision
Makes body light & Smooth
Relaxes the nerve & fibers
Improve blood ciculation
Some of the major treatment are as follows
Shirodhara is an excellent treatment of diseases connected with nervous system; stimulates the brain also good for the headache, migrain, insomnia, HBP and mental stress and other mental diseases.

Paadabhyanga ( food reflexology ) stimulates internal organs of the body releivse muscle cramp corrects the disrupted natural energy flow.
Thearaputic Sweating, Sarvanga Abhyanga
Flower bath, yoga & meditation.
( Internal medicine, if need only )


(3). Health Maintanance Package

Remember your body too needs maintenence

mony a time some difficulties arise in the body which disturbs the General health.
These symptoms may not be grave or relate to the symptom of any specific ailment and hence we keep it with in us often too busy to this or realise it.

At times most of us feel uneasiness symptom which rarely can be expess in words may be for you it is simple uneasiness, a minor imbalance, a slight headache.

Headaches Joint pain Back Pain
Insomnia Obesity Stress & Strain
This package is only for maintaning the general health and not intended for any specific disease
The major therapies involved in this package are;

Sarwanga Abhyanga ( Full body massage )

Padabbyanga ( Foot reflexology )

Kativasti ( Effective therapy for lower backache )

Greeva Vasti ( Effective therapy for neck pain & stiffness

Udwarthna ( Rough Herbal Powder apply the body )

Upanahasweda ( Local application of medicinal pate to treat pain )

Nasya ( Purgation by pouring oil through nostrils )

This package can be 3 days, 6 days, 14 days or 21 days According to the condition of the patient

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